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    10 FADE
  • St Adelaide Ch, Campo

  •     Stations Cancelled 

    Stations of the Cross are cancelled this week, please check for updates on this site next Thursday 

  •      No Campo Masses
      Penance times below

    Saturday Confessions 5:00 PM until 6
    Confessions 10:30 AM until12:30
    Monday Confessions 8:00 AM until 9
    Tuesday Confessions 8:00 AM until 9

  •        Bikers Blessings     

  • San Diego Walk for Life

         See the link in Inspiring Testimonies below
  •    Pray to end abortion

    We had parishioners from both churches 
    praying for an end to abortion, graces of conversion and post-abortion healing.

    We took part in the 40 Days for Life campaign. Join with us every day in prayer and peaceful prolife witness to ask God's intervention for the end to abortion.

  •        Online Stations

  •      Masses Cancelled

    Per Bishop Mcelroy Public Masses are cancelled and diocesan schools are closed. See the diocesan news release by pasting the following link into your browser:

  •       EWTN  Re:Virus

    EWTN broadcasts the daily Mass live at 8am Eastern from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel on the EWTN campus in Irondale, Alabama. You can watch live on TV or online via streaming at ewtn.com/tv/watch-live.


    You can also listen to the Mass live on the radio, SIRIUS/XM, or listen online at ewtn.com/radio/listen-live.

  • National Catholic Register

    • By K.V. Turley | During this period of confinement and lockdown, when we cannot go out, we have no choice but to go inward or go nowhere at all. There is a film that can help us with this...
    • By Theresa Doyle-Nelson | We [Paul and possibly Luke] had been there several days when a prophet named Agabus came down from Judea. He came up to us, took Paul’s belt, bound his own feet and hands...
    • By E. Christian Brugger | Q. I recently watched a show on the underground network in Czechoslovakia during World War II. The network provided its members with cyanide capsules should they be captured...
  •   Healing for Marriages

     Retrouvaille For married couples  that  are struggling, not communicating well, and for those who are considering  separation or divorce. It is also for  those who are already  separated or divorced that want marriage help.
    For information call:    Daniel & Lauryn Craun    dan.laury1@gmail.com      (951) 259-9474