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  • St Adelaide Ch, Campo

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      Penance times below

      Come for Monday and Wednesday 9 AM Masses

            St Adelaide - Campo
       Join Mass at 5:00 PM Saturday 

          Saturday 5 PM Vigil Mass
         Jul 11, 2020 05:00 PM Pacific Time
      Please click the link below to join our Mass:

                Password: 534542

    St Adelaide Sunday Bilingual Mass at 11:30 is not streamed online

    Confessions Saturday: 3:30 to 4:30 PM
    Mondays: 8:00 to 8:45 AM Mass at 9
    Wednesdays: 8:00 to 8:45 AM Mass at 9

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  •        Bikers Blessings     

  • Come & Adore the Lord

    Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at St Adelaide Church Every Monday and Wednesday from 8 AM until Mass at 9.

    Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at St Mary Magdalene every Tuesday after the 5 PM Mass until 6:30.

    According to Cardinal Sarah, "It is urgent and vital to ask ourselves how much time do we spend with the Blessed Sacrament, worshipping Jesus Christ, truly present in the tabernacle. A parish in which there is no adoration of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is a dead parish or at best a sick one."

  • Mass Special Intentions

    Saturday Campo       5 PM   Josephine Colla
    Sunday Jacumba      9 AM    Larinka Wright
    Sunday Campo         11:30   Tadesco Family Int
    Monday Campo         9 AM   Souls in Purgatory
    Tuesday Jacumba     5 PM   Ramsey Adib
    Wednesday Campo   9 AM   Marian Shamoo
  •     Your support helps 

    Please keep us in your prayers and if you can send a one time or regular donations we will be very grateful. Donations to either church can be sent to:  P.O. Box 369,  Campo, CA 91906

  •    Pray to end abortion

    We had parishioners from both churches 
    praying for an end to abortion, graces of conversion and post-abortion healing.

    We took part in the 40 Days for Life campaign. Join with us every day in prayer and peaceful prolife witness to ask God's intervention for the end to abortion.

  •       Safe Environment

    Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by a parish or Catholic school employee or volunteer can be made by calling (858) 490-8353.
    To read about efforts in the Diocese of San Diego to protect children, assist victims, and promote healing  also for information on the Independent Victim Compensation Program, please go to:    https://www.safeinourdiocese.org/