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  • St Adelaide Ch, Campo

  • Campo Mass Schedule

    Confession Saturdays  4 PM 
    Vigil Mass  5:00 PM

    Sunday Masses:
    11am English
    12:30 Spanish 

    Mon, Wed, Thur 8 AM
    Adoration After Mass until 9:30
    Confessions One hour before Masses

    First Saturday Mass 9:00 AM December 3rd in Jacumba

  •          Pro Life Bikers 

    See our Annual Bikers Blessings photos   of 33 Riders and many Knights On Bikes. Click photo albums in the
  •    Pray to end abortion

       Jesus Christ is King of the universe. This feast reminds us that we are not only accountable to him as individuals, but also as nations, as a society. It is not only personal (as in individual) actions for which we are accountable; it is the social policy, cultural mores, and organizational structures on every level of society for which we also answer to Christ the King. These realities are the result of the accumulated effects of the actions of many people over long periods of time. Sin is always personal, but there are "structures of sin" that embody the wrong choices individuals have made. In this regard, of course, the Church has much to say in her social teaching, at the heart of which is the right to life and the dignity of the human person.


    Please ask God to help us end abortion.

      See The Matter of Life, Unplanned & Roe V Wade Movies and click Sidewalk Chronicles in "Movies Worth Seeing" below

  •       National Catholic

  • Bp. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • Tuesday, November 29, 2022
      by Bishop Robert Barron
      Friends, Jesus places a high value on childlikeness. The truly wise are those who are like Christ: little children in relation to God.
  •       Mass Intentions 
       Nov 19th - Nov 25th

    Sat   Campo    5 PM Int of Teresa Verner
    Sun  Jacumba 9 AM Int of Earlene Giordano

    Sun   Campo  11 AM Int of Elias Family

    Sun   Campo  12:30 Int of Peggy Stenbeck
    Mon  Campo    9 AM Int of Debbie Bygland

    Tues Jacumba 5 PM  Int of Elias Family
    Wed Campo    9 AM Int of Doris Young
    Thur Campo    9 AM Aideen Blanda
    Fri    Rectory   8 AM Int of Molly Treadwell

  • Nov 1st Sat Group-Join  Us Dec 3rd in Jacumba 

  • Your support is needed

    Please keep us in your prayers and if you can send a one time or regular donations we will be very grateful. Just click Online Giving (top of this page) or mail donations for either church to: P.O. Box 369,  Campo, CA 91906


  •      See the Veil of the Mass Removed (3 min.)

  •  Courage & EnCourage

    A Roman Catholic apostolate for men and women who experience same-sex attractions and those who love them. Click Courage Int button above for information and testimonies.