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  • St Adelaide Ch, Campo

  • Campo Mass Schedule

    Saturday Vigil Mass 5 PM
    Our Vigil Mass will no longer live streamed.
    The obligation to attend Mass in person 
    is once again the norm as of July 1st.

    Saturday Vigil: 5pm
    Sunday Masses:
    11am English
    12:30 Spanish

    Confessions Sat 4 PM  

  •       National Catholic

  • Your support is needed

    Please keep us in your prayers and if you can send a one time or regular donations we will be very grateful. Just click Online Giving (top of this page) or mail donations for either church to: P.O. Box 369,  Campo, CA 91906


  •       Safe Environment

    Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by a parish or Catholic school employee or volunteer can be made by calling (858) 490-8353.
    To read about efforts in the Diocese of San Diego to protect children, assist victims, and promote healing  also for information on the Independent Victim Compensation Program, please go to:    https://www.safeinourdiocese.org/
  •        Mass Intentions 
        Sept 25th - Oct 1st

    Sat.  Campo    5 PM Int of Jonathan Elias
    Sun. Jacumba 9 AM Repose of Rufino Tungcab
    Sun. Campo   11 AM Repose of Umberto Palmerin

    Sun. Campo   12:30  Repose of Cristina Dodd
    Mon  Campo    9 AM Int of Carol Van Horn & Son
    Mon  Rectory   3 PM Poor Souls in Purgatory
    Tues Rectory   8 AM Int of Family Members
    Tues Jacumba 5 PM Int of All Benefactors
    Wed  Campo    9 AM Sanctification of All Priests
    Wed  Rectory   3 PM Int of Sonia Salem & Family
    Fri     Campo    9 AM Int of William & Dardanella
    Fri     Rectory   3 PM Conversion of Sinners

  •    1st Saturday Pilgrims

  •  Courage & EnCourage

    A Roman Catholic apostolate for men and women who experience same-sex attractions and those who love them. Click Courage Int button above for information and testimonies.

  •         GREATLY Blest!

    See our Annual Bikers Blessings photos   of 33 Riders and many Knights On Bikes. Click photo albums in the
  •   See our Annual Bikers Blessings photos of        33 Riders with many Knights On Bikes.
      See photo albums in "About" button above
  •    Vaticano- en Español